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What's parylene?

Chinese name of parylene: perrelin, paramount, poly-p-xylene.

A new type of conformal coating material developed and applied by Union Carbide Co. of the United States in the mid-1960s is a polymer of pxylene. Parylene is prepared by a unique vacuum vapor deposition process. A fully deposited polymer film coating is formed on the substrate surface by active small molecules, which has performance advantages that are difficult to compare with other coatings. It can be applied to surfaces of various shapes, including sharp edges and cracks.

The 0.1-100 micron film coating prepared by room temperature deposition has uniform thickness, compactness, no pinholes, transparency, no stress, no additives, no damage to workpieces, excellent electrical insulation and protection. It is an effective moisture-proof, mildew proof, corrosion-proof and salt spray proof coating material in the contemporary era.

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Parylene coating process:

Parylene raw materials are powder materials, which are placed in the evaporation furnace of the coating equipment. The solid raw materialsare transformed into gaseous state under the condition of 150 ℃ through vacuum, and then the gaseous raw materials are cracked into reactive monomers under the condition of 650-700 ℃ pyrolysis. Gaseous monomers are deposited and polymerized at a nanoscale rate at room temperature. This deposition method is CBD.


Advantages of using parylene:

☆ moisture proof and waterproof, up to IP68

☆ it can resist acid-base corrosion

☆ it can resist dissolution (it will not be dissolved in ordinary solvent)

☆ high temperature resistance (service temperature up to 140 ℃) and severe cold resistance (minus 200 ℃)

☆ with incomparable barrier effect (low gas permeability)

☆ high reliability and high insulation strength

☆ the coating is uniform, transparent and extremely thin

☆ it can be applied to surfaces of various shapes, including sharp edges and cracks

☆ economical and clean, simple process, fast speed and strong batch processing ability

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