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Parylene (Parylene, polyparylene) coating ----- protective coating

Issuing time:2022-02-28 12:11

Parylene(Parylene, Parylene, or Parylene) is the usual name for a set of unique polymers. The basic member of the family is called Parylene, a highly crystalline material that is perfectly linear.

Parylene is prepared by a unique process called true air deposition, in which a fully formed polymer film is "grown" on the surface of the substrate from reactive molecules. It can be applied to all shapes, including sharp edges, cracks and inner surfaces. This 0.1-100 micron thin film coating prepared by room temperature deposition has uniform thickness, no pinhole, transparent stress, no additives, no damage to the workpiece, excellent electrical insulation and protection, and is a relatively effective moisture-proof, mildew proof, anti-corrosion, anti-salt spray coating material.

Parylene N is a good dielectric material, with very low dielectric loss, high insulation strength and a dielectric constant that does not vary with frequency. It is a kind of Paryleng with high penetration ability.

Parylene C, the second member of the series, is of commercial interest. It's made from the same monomer, but one of the aromatic hydrogens has been replaced by a chlorine atom. Paryleng C combines excellent electrical and physical properties with low permeability to moisture and other corrosive gases. In addition to providing true pinhole-free shape isolation, Paryleng C is the material of choice for coating important circuit boards.

Parylene D, the third member of the family, is made from the same monomer, but with two of its aromatic hydrogen atoms replaced by chlorine atoms. Parylene D has similar properties to Parylene C, but has a higher heat tolerance.

Parylene HT (SCS), which has a lower dielectric constant (i.e., good wave permeability), good stability, and resistance to water, mildew and salt spray. Short-term temperature resistance up to 450 degrees Celsius, long-term temperature resistance up to 350 degrees Celsius, and has strong uv resistance. It is more suitable as the protective material of high frequency microwave devices.

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